Engineering Help Network specializes in the recruitment, selection and placement of engineering and design personnel with the required expertise for military, industrial and commercial production, medical, information technology, software, engineering and design customers located throughout the United States.

While we fill positions all over the country, our unique recruiting/customer service staff has the ability to meet the specific needs of organizations in remote areas, with more difficult positions to fill. They rely on our expertise in relocating the talent to fulfill their staffing requirements.

Recruiting Methods


Our consultants value our best-in-class benefits, training programs and challenging engagements and as a result, they tell their colleagues about our services.  An active payroll of thousands of contractors and a database of resumes creates an influx of new resumes each week.


We advertise weekly in many trade and engineering publications, causing us to generate new resumes every week.


Updating Files

All resume files are updated on a regular basis to maintain current resumes, job status and contact information.

Availability Lists/Skills Inventories

Our recruiters maintain current lists of all candidates currently seeking employment.  In addition, they maintain a skills inventory of the most qualified professionals in each discipline.  We pursue these prospective employees on a regular basis to increase the pool of talent available to service the needs of our clients.

Past Requirements

We maintain an ongoing summary of past requirements categorized by skill discipline.  When new requirements are received, we immediately scan previous submittals to rapidly identify qualified candidates.

Customer Service

Filling New Requirements

Our team utilizes an organized, systematic approach to filling new requirements and we assign as many as ten recruiters to the job in order to respond within hours.  Our process includes the following four steps:

  • Contact qualified personnel from availability lists
  • Contact qualified personnel from skills inventory
  • Contact prior submittals on similar requirements
  • Utilize computer/database to identify qualified candidates for contact

Quality Control

All potential employees are carefully screened, interviewed, drug tested, and reference and background checked prior to employment.

Customer Feedback

We consistently provide our customers with ongoing verbal and written feedback regarding available talent.  New recruits are informed of new opportunities through e-mails, overnight packages, and/or faxes so that we may immediately fill your requirements.

We respond within 24 hours of receiving your requirements and our resumes will be selected specifically to suit your needs.